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Global Express Argentina S.A.provides tailor made logistical solutions based on customer needs for all business units along the supply chain: cargo transportation by sea and air, customs services throughout the country, land transport, storage , distribution, insurance and every other aspect within the chain of integrated door to door logistics.


Global Exar (TM), trademark that stands for reliability, responsibility and a strong foundation for your foreign trade operations.


We seek to be an extension of the international business of our customers, offering integrated solutions of proven quality and operational excellence. 




Fully Licensed Customs Broker

 Customer Service

International Transportation

Regardless of the type of commercial cargo you need to ship or where, at Global Express Argentina we handle the entire process; from pick-up to customs clearance and delivery at destination.

We are IATA CASS agent and members of GLN (Global Logistics Network), EGLN (Elite Global Logistics Network) and Pangea Logistics Network, which are associations of freight agents with presence in more than 70 countries

In Global Express Argentina we have the mission of providing our customers with the high quality personalized service they need.

For more information about our company or our services, contact us at +54 11 2151 8440.


We provide comprehensive advice on international trade together with Customs Clearance management. 





As the globalized world transits the new millennium, the information technology has become indispensable. On line information, computarized processes and efficient communication are essential for every company.
Global Exar(TM) continuously invests in high-tech infrastructure to handle all the needs that our clients may have, providing reliable information on status of shipments, customs procedures, laws, legislation, etc.


Global Exar(TM) is directly connected to Argentina’s Customs through its operating system on all our staff’s terminals. This result in goods cleared faster and more efficiently.


Mission, Vision and Values


Our company is certified under ISO 9001:2015. This assures you of our commitment to quality service by establishing and maintaining a system of quality management, focused on preventive action and continuous improvement of its effectiveness.


Our Mission:
• Creating value, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients by promoting shared growth with them.


Our Vision:
• Being a company with global reach, local market leader, recognized for the high quality of its services.


Our Values:

  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Experience
  • Reliability



Quality Commitment:

  • Comply with the agreed requirements of our customers.
  • Establish and maintain a system of quality management focused on preventive action and continuous improvement of its effectiveness. This commitment of GLOBAL EXPRESS ARGENTINA S.A.

Who we are



Our Story


The company was founded in 1958, by Mr. Eduardo Calabro.
Since then the company grew year after year becoming one of the most prestigious Customs Brokers companies in Argentina. During this period we partnered with a premier multinational freight forwarding company to provide door to door services. While they provided transportation we provided customs clearance. This concept was not yet known in Argentina, so the partnership was a success. Our company provided high quality services in many major industrial projects and for many well-known companies.

After years of association, our company began looking for new horizons.At that time we started to expand our own range of services, focusing on building many strategic alliances in the major cities of Europe, USA and Far east; until our own worldwide network of agents was accomplished. At that time we began to provide international transport services (freight forwarding), and door to door services. We also managed strategic partnerships to provide warehousing and logistics services. To support the growth of the company we decided to change the name of Eduardo V. Calabro to Global Exar (Global Express Argentina S.A.).


Today, with over 60 years of uninterrupted work, we continue to celebrate our success working on new projects with the same spirit as in 1958.


Freight Forwarding


  • Global sea freight shipping for import & export  (FCL & LCL)  with special agreements with first-line carriers.
  • Global airfreight shipping for import & export, with special agreements with major airlines.
  • Pickup and delivery of goods with provision of value added services at different origins or destinations.
  • Door to door services.
  • Issue, control  and documentation management.
  • Consultancy and comprehensive advice.




Customs Clearance


  • Customs Clearance processes for Import/Export shipments.
  • Legal and technical expertise, in customs matters.
  • Temporary import/export customs clearance procedures.
  • Management of goods in transit.
  • Pre-shipment inspections.
  • Management of files with government agencies
  • (Public Health, SENASA, Anmat, etc.).
  • Management of customers particular bonded warehouses/in house customs.
  • Service in all main cities through our strategic partners.
  • Management of files for importer/exporter registrations with local customs.



This division of the company is responsible for caring about the logistics management of our clients in pursuit of more effectiveness, a reduction in associated costs, and the option to designate staff “in company” trained by our own company.


Some of the activities of the division are:


  • Initial Survey of logistics-related areas of the business.
  • Survey of hidden internal costs related to logistics (Administrative, etc.).
  • Implement process improvements and lower associated costs.
  • Assistance and ongoing monitoring plan.
  • Customizable and personalized to each company format.
  • Survey of continuous processes and detours.
  • Monthly survey of service / customer satisfaction.



Advisory service and logistics design schemes that enable the optimization of customer transactions.


National and bonded warehouse management

  • Specialized services in Free Trade Zones (La Plata, Colonia, Montevideo).
  • Reception control of products/inputs/raw material.
  • Storage and flow management.
  • Conditioning of goods for international shipping.
  • Tagged and special rework.
  • Special stuffing and ustuffing services.
  • Stock control.
  • Distribution of goods.


  • Provision of FTL / LTL import and export transportation – Argentina / Brazil & Chile service.
  • Door to door services.
  • Alignment with International regulations for land transport according to the type of goods and shipping.
  • Customs management.
  • Satellite tracking.


  •  Abastecimiento a plantas.
  • Distribución primaria y secundaria – Entregas directas FTL – Entregas directas LTL.
  • Provisión de transportes especiales.
  • Gestión portuaria y transporte de contenedores con seguimiento satelital.
  • Coordinación a medida personalizada.



  • Complete line of cargo insurance with frontline companies.
  • Covers all risks door to door.

—Sea freight shipments
—Airfreight shipments
—Land freight shipments


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